Koala February Newsletter
Tights are perfect and perfectly acceptable to wear in public. This is the first year I have found myself wearing tights almost every day and I am not alone. My guess is that 2017 is going to be the year menís workout tights become common. Please keep in mind that, unlike most tights made for men that donít seem to take into account that men have cocks, Koala does one of two things: A: We create pouch style tights that celebrate the penis or B. We create menís tights that not only hide the penis but reshapes it to a vagina. Both styles are amazing and both are designs we are extremely proud to offer along with being happy to show off in too. Iím not sure what happened when the clock struck midnight January 1st but my guess is a lot of guys got workout tights as gifts for the holidays and, best of all, started wearing them!


Here are the bestselling designs of the new 2017 Koala Collection:

I find it interesting that the top sellers encompass so many different styles including bikini, shorts, and thongs because most often the top sellers tend to group in specific designs. Right at the moment, the Male Room is the best selling design out of all of our styles, and it is the first bulge micro bikini to hold that title in a while.  That means we will be adding more bikinis in the future.

Male Room Bikini is our bestselling new style and, actually, the bestselling design we offer. I believe it is a combination of many qualities that have made this design so popular. It is our first scrunch butt style bikini, something so many men have asked me for over the years, and it really did turn out great. The ass fit is amazing and the way it shows off the cheeks is fabulous. As hot as all that is, I believe it is the front that is so delicate yet so masculine, too, along with the soft wet look spandex fabric that makes one of the best looking micro bulges on the planet. The Male Room just might be the perfect bikini and the one ďmust haveĒ design for any menís swimwear enthusiast.


Sheer Lady Gear Micro Shorts

There was little doubt in my mind that this design would be at or near the top of the new collection best sellers. After all, it is based upon our other Lady Gear Designs, which are some of our bestselling creations of all time. These shorts in sheer fabric are too fucking hot to believe. The fit is insanely perfect, the look is stunning, the transformation is the real deal. These micro shorts are bound to be at the top of your fun to wear list.


Pink Lips is a beautiful little number that is as feminine as feminine can be. Total male to female transformation takes place right before your eyes and anyone else who sees you on the beach or around the pool on your next vacation. All aspects of the penis are erased and replaced by the cutest little sheer pink camel toe ever. This was my pick for the title of best selling design before the new styles hit the market. I was close to right since they are selling like crazy, but the Sheer Lady Gear Micro shorts and Male Room surprisingly beat it out of the number one spot.


The Surfer Boy Thong was the one design I actually created for myself. I wanted a micro thong with this cut in this fabric to make as my go to swimsuit for the next season. It turned out to be everything I hoped for and wanted. The fit is incredible and the look and style make it the perfect thong. My go to thong and by how hot a seller it is; I think there will be many other boys who use this one as a go to swimsuit, too.


Cock cages are going crazy! Maybe itís the time of the year or maybe itís the time of the season, but we have been swamped with cock cage sales. As most of our newsletter readers know, we are trying to build the largest selection of male chastity cock cages to be found anywhere. The Tiger Mom has been a very popular choice for men new to chastity and wearing cages. The Slammed Ultra and the OMG are our best selling micro cock cages for you little dicks out there. Not to be out done, our Strap On Pussy has been an amazing new addition to our line of sissies, femmes, cross-dressers, T-girls, Transsexuals and regular guys that crave the look and feel of having their very own pussy are all enjoying this great designs. Please let us know if there are any other products like this you have seen and are interested in giving a try. You can contact me at hinc28@socal.rr.com


I have not asked this question for a while so I think it is time to update the list: Please e-mail me with your favorite lakes, beaches, hotels or other hot spots where you love to wear your micro swimsuits at. Hinc28@socal.rr.com I will post them all at www.mensswimwearblog.com  


The Second Half of Our Most Massive Sale Ever!

Here it is. December was the biggest sale we have ever offered at Koala and the reason is we are discontinuing a number of styles to make room for more new designs. We were completely out of room. Our choices in handling this was to move to a larger location and take on all the expenses that come along with moving or trimming down our line of offerings so that we could  focus on the best selling styles and designs.  

Here Are the New Blowout Sale Suits:

This is the second part of the biggest sale we have ever offered. The designs you see here are all being discontinued and, once they are gone, they are gone forever. This is your chance to get some of the most amazing designs on the planet at 50% off. Take advantage of it now because in combination with the December newsletter, this is a sale of the magnitude that we have not ever done in our twenty-five plus years of being in business. Once we are done, we should have enough room to add new styles for the next ten years or so. We, of course, will offer our bi-monthly newsletter sales, which are amazing in their own right, but not anywhere near this scale. There are still some amazing deals available from the December Newsletter sale. In addition, we have included a link at the bottom of the February sale suits so you can take advantage of those, too. 

Keep in mind that every design may not be available in every size and the early bird definitely has access to the best selection. Shop today, shop often, and be prepared to be blown away!

All suits are 50% off!!!!
You will see the sale price when you add each item to the cart.

Dark Angel

Freedom Bikini


Smoking Gun Bikini

Seductive Curves

Power Slut

Fantasy Quest

Pussy Plugged Boy (no plugs included)

Black Jack

Hot Gear Bikini

Diablo Bikini

Ecstasy G-string

Target Zone

The Koala Penis Stretcher

Micro Blast No Ass Spark



Thunder Pouch Bikini

Fem Fatale


Sheer Force Penis Stretcher


Fully Loaded

Touch Me



Shocking Bright Bikini

Thrill Pouch

Man Load Bikini

Black Magic

Feminized White

Feminized Red

Changed Man Control Freak

Micro Sport Swimmers Pouch

Dark Side



Split Personality Thong

Wicked Boy Thong

Prison Break

Mangina Bikini



Sunburst Micro Bikini

Rapture Bikini

Diablo Cock Master

Crazed G-string no plug

Male Chastity gear and more: Deals!!!!!
(on sale but they are not discontinued products)
and many of these items have never been on sale before!
You will see the sale price when you add each item to the cart.

Ass Spark Invader
Reg.$39.00 Sale $19.00

Ass Spark Temptation
Reg.$39.00  Sale $19.00

Man Shame
Reg.$65.00  Sale $46.00

Lovely Maiden
Reg.$98.00  Sale $59.00

Cuckold Slave
Reg.$65.00  Sale $47.00

Reg.$75.00  Sale $46.00

EZ Ass Spark
Reg.29.00  Sale $19.00

Never Been Kissed
Reg.$52.00  Sale $39.00

Ass Spark Honey Dipper (one of my personal favorites)
Reg.$46.00  Sale $32.00

Brutal Cage
Reg.$59.00  Sale$37.00

Dr.Assman Barr Anal Retractor
Reg.$49.00  Sale $29.00 (limited stock on hand)

Ass Spark Monster
Reg.$49.00  Sale $33.00

Ass Hitch
Reg.$79.00  Sale $49.00

Dr. Assman Anal Spreader
Reg.$59.00  Sale $39.00

Steel Art Heavy Duty Male Chastity Cage
Reg.$89.00  Sale $59.00

I am including a link to the December Newsletter sale.
That sale was our largest ever and it was crazy busy. We still have a very good inventory of designs available and we have decided to keep them on sale until we are out of stock.  All these styles are being discontinued. If you click on a suit and there is no link to it that means we are out of stock. If you click on a suit and the size you want is missing that means we are out of that size. Have fun hunting!!

Personal Note

I just finished reading an extremely good book that I would highly recommend. ďThe Case against SugarĒ by Gary Taubes is extremely thought provoking. In such a big world, it often seems like there is little we can do to effect change or to make the world a better place to inhabit. Maybe the idea of going out of our way to do something nice for someone you know or maybe for someone you donít know could be the start of something small but mighty. You really cannot go wrong by paying it forward when it is a very helpful and positive action.

Peace and Love


Michael David


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