October Koala Newsletter

A few weeks after you read this, we will be adding a number of new male chastity devices and an insanely cool weighted ball stretcher. We have offered spandex ball stretchers for many years. They are amazing but we have had many inquiries from customers who prefer weighted ball stretchers. I have seen many weighted ball stretchers throughout the years but never one that gave me much of a rise. The weighted ball stretchers currently on the market are fairly bland parachute style units. We are always looking for ďamazingĒ because why would you want to settle for less when we received a sample of a truly incredible silicone ball stretching system that uses beautiful sculptured metal weight sets.  This new as of yet un-named device will give you the low hanging balls of your dreams; not to mention will be an intense addition to your sex play.
We have quite a few more male chastity devices on their way to help us offer you the largest selection of chastity devices on the planet. There are some very interesting new styles included, some of which I have never seen before but they sure felt interesting and exciting on my cock.

Swimwear or Underwear?
Being in the clothing business for more than twenty years making our very entertaining swimwear designs, I do understand after talking to thousands of our customers during that time that a good guess would be over ninety percent of our clients use our swimwear designs for much more than swimming. Most men use them as sexy underwear, too, and why not? Is there anything that feels better on your cock than spandex, I think not. Let me amend that to there are few things that feel better. These things include a nice moist mouth or any number of holes. So you can see that the list of things that actually might feel better is very short indeed.
The new swimsuit, sports shorts and fetish wear photo shoot for copy is one of the most fun things I get do at work. I am working with my girls by always trying on new designs in order to perfect the styles until we get it just right. Every pouch, every transformation style, every plug equipped design and every Ass Spark powered suit needs to be tried and retried until we see perfection and nothing else. Once we are done with all of that, the ladies get down to business creating the new styles. As we get closer to completing our stock production, I get to do a complete and thorough inspection of all the new designs with the girls making sure each one looks fantastic. We take photos that I use to write the copy for our website. Wearing spandex always gets me excited but that excitement is amplified tremendously when I get the privilege of flaunting myself in front of others. Itís highly likely that, if you are reading this blog, you are also an exhibitionist to one degree or another. Iím proof you donít have to be a model to show off your assets!
Iím told it should be four more weeks. Iím not holding my breath but my fingers are crossed!

Pink sheer bikini with total pussy look front pouch is stunning: The sheer fabric with your bulging man vagina (a penis transformed into a pussy by the will of the style) is gorgeous. Even looking at my own transformed cock in this design took my breath away.

Curved Penis shape beach bikini: Koalaís penis shaped pouch designs are some of our very best selling designs exceeded only by our male transformation suits (funny, because these swimsuits are 180 degrees opposite on the style spectrum) and selling neck and neck with our micro shorts. Customers love these designs and we do our very best to be creative with them. It helps that there are few things I enjoy more than filling a perfectly shaped penis pouch with my own cock! This design has an extremely natural looking curve that flows gently out and down. It is lovely to behold and having someone touch your cock in this suit pouch causes sensations to fill it to extremes. Designs for all shaft sizes. If I can fill; then you can certainly fill it as well!

Lady gear style completely sheer white micro shorts are beyond amazing. They are perfect: This new design performs its magic right in front of everyoneís eyes! The complete transformation of the penis into a vagina is all totally visible there to see in plain sight, but hard to comprehend.

A new matt latex look pouch thong designed has been specifically for me, but I know you will love it, too.
I wanted a daily beach suit in this particular fabric. It is such a great look and I was actually surprised that we had not yet created one like this, my favorite beach going swimsuit. Now you will be able to be like Mike. If you could dream up the most perfect short shorts on the planet; what would they look like? Short shorts and micro shorts have been all the rage at Koala with a large percentage of customers including them with their orders. I love our spandex shorts! Wearing them to the beach is fantastic as is using them to wear when working out at the gym. We offer standard bulge style shorts, micro pouch shorts, bulge style pouches, male to female transformation pussy look pouches (by far the most popular designs), and even a number of designs with beautiful penis shaped pouches. I am already thinking of offering the perfect micro short design (Iíll keep my choice a secret!) but I would love to hear your views. I would like to know if we are missing a design that you crave; one that on the first fitting you would be guaranteed to get wet instantly. That is the short shorts of your dreams. Let me know if we do not yet offer them. Hinc28@socal.rr.com

Man Pussy
Earlier in the year one of our wonderful customers sent us a photo of himself wearing what I would describe as a prosthetic vagina. He was totally into our male to female transformation designs, but this was something totally unique. After inquiring into this, it turned out to be a distributor out of England.  No luck there other than I ordered one to try for myself, hoping I might be able to find the manufacturer. I received the device and it was as awesome as the photos indicated. A realistic functional (for visual and sexual purposes) vagina that could be used a number of different ways. The Man Pussy is a latex style pull over G-string design that features a soft feel, color lips and vulva bulge with a tight usable hole.  I know how to tuck very well and I was able to completely hide my penis under the latter, thus just showing a beautiful lifelike vagina. It can also be used positioned over your rectum changing the look to a pussy. That pussy can be lubed and fucked or fingered like any real vagina. This new product is in stock now and will be added to the site in the next week or so.

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BIG SALE: Swimsuits, Fetish Wear, Shorts and Play Gear for your Fall and Winter Fun!

Boy Toy
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Man Slut
Reg. $59.00  Sale $44.00

Man Cave
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00
Ass Spark Entourage
Reg. $49.00  Sale $39.00

Ass Spark Desire
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00

Shaved Fury
Reg. $ 27.00 Sale $20.00

Brutal Cage
Reg. $ 59.00 Sale $44.00
Ass Spark Emotion
Reg. $49.00  Sale $39.00
Ring Master
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00
Lovely Maiden
Reg. $98.00  Sale $58.00
Slave Labor
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00
Spicy Girl
Reg. $38.00  Sale $28.00
Spontaneous Bikini
Reg. $33.00  Sale $22.00
Tasty Penetration
Reg. $ 36.00 Sale $25.00

Work That Cock
Reg. $ 33.00 Sale $20.00

Tight End
Reg. $33.00  Sale $23.00
Trouble Maker
Reg. $36.00  Sale $21.00
Switch Blade
Reg.36.00$  Sale $24.00

Pussy Boy
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Wicked Boy
Reg. $33.00  Sale $22.00
Thunder Struck
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

Girl Power
Reg. $49.00  Sale $34.00

Giga Cock
Reg. $ 36.00 Sale $24.00
Gold Rush
Reg. $ 39.00 Sale $25.00

Shaft Blaster
Reg. $48.00  Sale $29.00

Ram Rod
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Penis Boy
Reg. $34.00  Sale $22.00

Black Magic
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

Sex Pistol
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00
Shocking Bright
Reg. $38.00  Sale $23.00
Shy Slut Bikini
Reg. $34.00  Sale $19.00

Smoking Gun
Reg. $ 29.00 Sale $20.00

Slut G-string
Reg. $28.00  Sale $19.00
Kiss It Shorts
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00
Reg. $ 29.00 Sale $20.00

Balls Out
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Ballistic Package
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00
Elation Bulge
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00
Ass Spark G-string
Reg. $30.00  Sale $21.00

Panic Attack
Reg. $40.00  Sale $28.00

Fuck Shorts
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

Evil Angel
Reg. $33.00  Sale $23.00

Grinder Micro
Reg. $37.00  Sale $24.00

Feminized White
Reg. $ 32.00 Sale $22.00
Fire Zone
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

Cock Package Bikini
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Reg. $38.00  Sale $24.00
Alpha Male
Reg. $38.00  Sale $24.00
Reg. $ 30.00 Sale $21.00
Aussie Bulge
Reg. $35.00  Sale $24.00

Bulge Desire
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00

Reg. $ 28.00 Sale $20.00

Wet Dream
Reg. $ 34.00 Sale $23.00

Under My Spell
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00
Wet Wonder
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00
Third Sex
Reg. $34.00  Sale $24.00
Diablo Arsenal
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00
Cock Smoker
Reg. $48.00  Sale $32.00
Cock Worship
Reg. $ 49.00 Sale $33.00
Fem Fatale
Reg. $34.00  Sale $23.00

Blazing Blade
Reg. $34.00  Sale $23.00

Micro Bitch
Reg. $ 33.00 Sale $22.00
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Nasty Bitch
Reg. $30.00  Sale $21.00

T-girl Sheer
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Pounding Fury
Reg. $36.00  Sale $21.00

Close Shave
Reg. $29.00  Sale $21.00

Bald Eagle
Reg. $27.00  Sale $20.00

Real Man
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

Changed Man
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Changed Man Bikini
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00
Secret Angel
Reg. $34.00  Sale $21.00

Personal Note
The oceans of the world need our help. It seems like an overwhelming task and, in many ways; it is an unimaginably titanic task that will take more than just you and me. It will take the world to somehow pull together if we are ever to make things right. Recently, there was a documentary about plastics and garbage in the Pacific Ocean on the Vice channel called Garbage Island that was extremely interesting and, I believe, well worth your time to watch. I know many people do not have access to the Vice channel on cable, but you can watch it for free on youtube.com. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D41rO7mL6zM You might want to check it out and see just how serious the situation of the corrosiveness in our environment has become. It takes all of us to take care of our world.

Peace and Love,
Michael David


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