October Koala Newsletter

Could we be responsible for making more men into women than anyone else? We have been making swimsuits that make men look like women for over fifteen years. This was way before it was something, dare I say, mainstream?  There was something I found interesting about a man having the option to look female. Iím not even sure I can put it into words, but it is something that always turned me on in the most exciting way. I really never had any idea that thousands of men (thousands so far) would be as into that as I am. Many Koala customers come to realize after trying male to female transformation that it is not about being gay, bi, straight or polyamorous, though I am sure for some people it is. For many of us, it is about feeling and experiencing an extremely realistic feminine look and, thus, a feminine sensation. Many customers have expressed to me their amazement the first time they try one of our femme style designs. My personal transformation favorites are the ones with the vagina lip look. I love the way they fit, feel and the look is stunning.

Love Those T-girls
I canít be the only one who enjoys seeing girls with cocks. There is something so absolutely sexy and erotic about it. I have had the pleasure of using a few T-girls in the past as models and, in many ways, they are the pinnacle of erotic beings.

Fall/Winter and Snug Warm Spandex Pouches
At least itís spring in Australia and New Zealand; two of our largest markets. Our boys down under are into spandex in a big way.  For the US, UK, and Europe, most of us are looking at Fall, thinking about vacation someplace that feels like summer as soon as possible and getting ready for the change of weather. Koala swimwear designs that you wear on the beach or around your pool can be just as awesome at work. A beautifully contoured spandex pouch will keep your cock warm, happy and have you feeling totally sexy all day long.  I know there is always that bit of added wetness from being constantly aroused and others might see that, but that is half the fun! You might try wearing a male to female transformation design under your suit or work clothes. Your friends might not notice your vagina, but I guarantee you will feel it all day long!

Fall/Winter Cold Metal Cock Cages Being Warmed by Hot Secured Penises
We tend to see a spike in our male chastity cock cage sales as the weather turns from warm to mild to cold. You men that wear them know how warm and toasty a metal cock cage is on a cold day. For you boys that have never had the pleasure of strapping your cock inside one of these sensual devices; it might seem counter intuitive. Yes, the metal is cold when you first put it on unless you have warmed the cage, but once your cock is firmly locked away; it will warm the metal on its own keeping the warm to the touch at all times. Another great feature is that the heating up is the same for metal butt plugs (my favorites). They might be a little cool when you lube them up and slide them in, but your hole is a very toasty place which means the metal plug gets heated right away. You can pull it out 30 seconds later and be blown away by how hot it gets. That is one of the reasons they feel so good.

New Anal Spreader Flow Plugs
The new Flow Plug is a great addition to our line of anal stretcher, hole openers. Made of top quality silicone, they are available in sizes small, medium and large. With insert sizes from 3Ē to almost 4.5Ē and hole stretching from 1ľ ďto almost 2Ē these awesome Flow through plugs will be the perfect addition to your ass fun collection of toys, not to mention great anal sex training devices. The best part is the slim fit contour bottom which will allow you to wear the Flow Plug with your favorite swimsuit, underwear, tights; you name it without people knowing unless you let them in on your erotic secret. Flow Plugs can be ordered individually or as a set.

New Micro Design Male Chastity Cock Cage
Micro style male chastity cages are made for small to tiny penises, but that does not stop men with normal sized cocks from using them. The fact is that many key-holders, masters, and mistresses have total cock control and they do not want their man, sissy, slave, boyfriend or husband wearing anything that will ever let them become aroused without permission. These tiny designs are all the rage with wearers, too. Personally, for me, the smaller the better, I am trying to find a cage or have one made that literally locks the cock but holds the shaft inside of me so there is virtually no bulge showing what-so-ever. This new design is a lovely and secure piece of cock art able to handle the smallest penis and with room enough to force a normal shaft in, too. The new style is called the Little Lad and should be available on our site within a week or two of this newsletter.

The best winter spots for summer style fun?
First, allow me to let you in on a little secret. Some of the best beach weather in Southern California happens in the Fall and Winter. Last year, we had micro swimwear days at the beach every month. The weather here is mild though there are times I would like to have some of those smoking hot summer days. I would love to hear and post your favorite Fall/Winter fun in the sun spots on the mensswimwearblog.com, Iím not sure where I will be heading, but a vacation of two is in the plans. In the Spring, I will be heading to New Haven. CT to see my nephew graduate from Yale. Any good spots nearby? Let me know.

Wearing Tights at the Gym
I love the expression ďwhen in Rome.Ē  I feel that way every time I walk into my gym wearing tights, whether they are bulge style (not that I have much of a bulge), femme style showing off some lip like the other girls or just a pair of non-Koala workout tights. As men, we owe a debt of gratitude to the ladies for blazing the trail on wearing tights. If it was not for the ladies, regardless of their shapes and willingness to show it all, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination (A dream come true for me. My dreams must have been answered by one of the spandex gods!) There are times I dream of how awesome it would look if I had a large cock with the shaft outline pressed against the fabric for everyone to see. If that was the case, I might never wear anything other than tights unless I was wearing spandex swimwear or micro shorts. However, since that is not the case, at least I get to show off how small it is (I am proud of that), and I love how easily it transforms into looking like a pussy in trans tights.

Watching Football and Spandex
I am more a basketball kind of guy, but I must admit to catching bits and pieces of a few NFL games the other day. I never realized how much spandex bulge is showing. Looking closely, I could actually see some cock and head shapes through the spandex. Watching football has just become a lot more interesting to me.

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Personal Message
Give yourself a break!
I see many friends & family members along with myself, and I realize that often we are much harder on ourselves than we need to be.  Iím not saying you should not push yourself or attempt new and exciting things, but when we fail, which we all do at one time or another, cut yourself some slack. Learn from your mistakes and life lessons and move on. Donít dwell on it. It is healthy to cut yourself some slack. It is not helpful or healthy to rehash your mistakes over and over again like an endless loop. We all have done things we would like to change, of course. We canít change what is already history. Moving on and letting go is a great start to getting on with your life and making your life even better.

Peace and love,
Michael David

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