Koala October Newsletter 2016

Boy Toy
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

The Boy Toy Bikini is a truly magical design. A minimal back bikini; it shows enough cheek to be sexy all the time but covers enough to be one of those designs we deem a wear anywhere swimsuit. Swimming laps at the gym, surfing or bodysurfing, taking a stroll or run on the beach, your next pool party, your main vacation suit; YES to all of the above. This is a perfect all around bikini to add to your collection. Now that I told you all the normal stuff about the Boy Toy, I might as well add in the little bit of nastiness that it is about, too.  You canít see it, but it has a built in butt plug holder that will handle even our large cock shaped plug. It comes with your choice of one small and one medium butt plug or one large cock shaped plug. This suit is designed to work perfectly with or without a plug. That said, it is totally over the top when you have a plug inserted deep inside you. No one knows how much fun you are really having. With its beautiful bright multi colored spandex finish; you will get tons of attention inside and out.

Man Cave
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00

The Man Cave is a chastity cock cage of perfect proportions. This is one of the most beautiful yet brutal cock cages around. Fully enclosed and caged the end unscrews for teasing your cock and  enabling you to urinate if you are wearing it for long periods of time. The design is stunning and cold at the same time. Being locked away in a chastity cage takes away your manhood along with penis control. These devices get me so aroused and from the stories I receive from our customers it has the same effect on them. Luckily when your cock is under lock and key it is hard to get into trouble. We have swim and fetish spandex suits coming out that have been created for use with our male chastity devices. This should take male chastity to a whole new level of excitement.
Ass Spark Entourage
Reg. $49.00  Sale $39.00

The Ass Spark Entourage is another new entry in our line of anal penetration male chastity cages. This design offers more shaft room for increased growth but, of course, no penis stimulation. One of the things I love about this cage is that it can handle even the smallest penis. In fact, when a tiny shaft is securely inside this rather long cage; it appears so small that it is a form of complete humiliation. For those of you who tend to get erections while wearing your cock cage, the Entourage gives you the room to become almost completely erect, which is a special type of torture all its own. Add in the deep anal penetration and you not only have an effective male chastity device but you have a raging excitement factory! 1.2Ē ball and 5Ē shaft cage

Diablo Arsenal
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Bring out the big guns and get ready for extreme action. The Diablo line of sex-cock-wear are some of our most popular designs. This bad boy is a direct result of customer feedback on what they desired. The Diablo Arsenal offers everything all the Diablo suits do, in that it is a ball splitting shaft throbbing intimidating fun suit. A true sexual pleasure design created for action, in order to expand your expectations of pleasure. Now we have taken the concept one step further by incorporating a thick rubber anal spreader. This is the first time we have used a rubber ring as an anal spreader and we are thrilled with the results. The ring literally molds into place. It stays in place better than metal rings and it frames the hole beautifully by telling the world here I am and I want to be played with. What more can you really ask for? Maybe winning the lottery sure, but Diablo Arsenal will give you instant gratification 100% of the time!

Ass Spark Desire
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00

I believe this new design will become one of the best-selling Ass Sparks of all time and for good reason. The Ass Spark desire features a deep penetrating stainless steel plug that offers position adjustments to get you a perfect fit. This is not a beginner Ass Spark. It is created for men who have more experience in anal play. That said, it is a very comfortable and erotic fit, and will work with most of the Ass Spark powered Koala swim and fetish wear designs.
Ring size 1.75
Man Slut
Reg. $59.00  Sale $44.00

Unbelievable design offers full metal construction with a unique cage that will lock the shaft away making it completely useless for sexual activities.

Man Slut cock cage prevents the wearer from using the penis for anything other then urination.
Perfect for those in need of complete control.
There is room for most men to become erect.

Brutal Cage
Reg. $ 59.00 Sale $44.00

Locking chastity cage. Heavy gauge smooth finished metal the Brutal Cage completely locks away the shaft in a fully controlled environment. Beautifully built with a masterful sense of design the Brutal Cage is not only completely effective but highly arousing to wear and be seen in. Designed to prevent sexual activity including masturbation and to create the feeling of servitude on the part of the man unlucky enough to be forced to wear one. Brutal Cage allows the wearer to urinate but that is all it allows.
Ass Spark Emotion
Reg. $49.00  Sale $39.00

The Ass Spark Emotion is a dainty little cock cage that is both a beautiful piece of chastity equipment and a wonderful sissy cage for the man who needs to be ass fucked all the time. The Emotion has you completely locked down. The shaft is securely set in place with the balls completely exposed. There are no worries at all about your man playing with his balls because an erection in this device is designed for a little discomfort. Want to show off your sissy or cuckold at a party? The Emotion is a great choice to grab the lionís share of attention. 1.2Ē ball and 4Ē shaft cage

Tasty Penetration
Reg. $ 36.00 Sale $25.00

The Tasty Penetration Bikini is a gorgeous sensual pink full back bikini with thin-strap sides and a stunning tapered full front pouch. The Tasty Penetration Bikini is ready for the beach, hotel pool or your favorite pool party. Great lines with awesome curves in all the right places and a nasty little secret that is yours to share if you wish. The entire time you wear this suit you are being treated to an anal fucking by any one of our Ass Spark designs. You can choose single or double metal ball Ass Sparks or go with either of the silicone Ass Spark designs. If you already have one the suit can be ordered without. It is so hot, so sexy to be penetrated and have your penis locked into a secure cock ring while hanging out in a fabulous bikini.

Ring Master
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00

The Ring-Master is a stunningly beautiful and wickedly effective cock cage that will completely fulfill your need for a chastity device that steals away the use of your penis and keeps it under lock and key. From the moment I first was introduced to this design I was enamored by its creativity and when we received the samples I was both excited and amazed by how functional it is too. It felt wonderful and controlling on my cock. The Ring-Master cock cage is available in three base ring sizes 1.5Ē for you tiny sissies, 1.75Ē for you men who need tightness and 2Ē for you big boys or guys that just canít take the pain of a tight ring. The shaft rings are 1.5Ē and the shaft cage is 3Ē in length. Guys with larger cocks need not worry; once your shaft is forced inside you will get use to the feel, what choice do you have?
Lovely Maiden
Reg. $98.00  Sale $58.00

The Lovely Maiden has been designed for complete sexual denial. Many men who are forced into male chastity will look to anal sex for stimulation and pleasure. The Lovely Maiden not only keeps the penis completely locked away in a beautiful metal cage,  fully catheterized if needed, but forcefully keeps the anus stuffed full of a metal dildo like plug that is locked in place when the cock cage is locked. Complete control equals Complete Submission
Slave Labor
Reg. $69.00  Sale $49.00

Slave Labor is a borderline terrifying male chastity cock cage. Included in this very extreme design is a deep penetrating catheter and a no-escape anti release ring to keep the wearer from removing it without permission from the Key Holder. There is terrible beauty here, too, with all stainless steel construction and a design created to force a small penis into total submission. The question might be are you man enough to wear this cage or are you a big enough pussy to be forced into it?
Spicy Girl
Reg. $38.00  Sale $28.00

Every new collection has one suit that always hits me as a favorite and, even though they are all amazing designs in this collection, the Spicy Girl is my favorite.  I like to think from a design aspect that I am extremely in touch with our customers. I love hearing about your ideas and often we are very much in sync as to what both you and I would like. Keep in mind that I might just be the biggest spandex freak on the planet! Many customers asked us for a totally feminizing full back bikini and, not only did I think that was a great idea; I found that I wanted one for myself. The Spicy Girl is my new most favorite bikini on the planet and, once you slip it on; I know it will be yours, too. Created in matt black rubberized feel spandex with full rear coverage and the most darling little vagina shaped front pouch you have ever seen, this design completely erases any hint of male anatomy while creating the most stunning little man pussy of all. The Spicy Girl is designed to be used anywhere you choose to display your femininity. It is perfect as a serious swimmers suit more than ready to take the place of your Speedo. It is also great for hot yoga and the most incredible beach suit for fun in the water, nice walks or runs along the beach.  Getting into an intense game of volleyball will never be the same. I wonder if they will let me on an all-girl team! Letís not forget that used under spandex tights, leggings or jeans; you will present as completely female in the package department. Iím wet just thinking about it!

Third Sex
Reg. $34.00  Sale $24.00

Third Sex is the complete mix of sexual freedom and beauty along with a full helping of gender confusion. With the penis packed up tight, pushed inside of you and completely hidden away we go to work on the testicles transforming them into two complete but opposite looks. The balls are cleanly split by a full seam then ball shaped individual testicle pouches produce an almost masculine display of manly balls but no shaft at all. Used the exact same way but pulling down on the pouch creates an extremely feminine vagina look. Shave the hair on your legs and lay out in this beauty and you just might get asked to put your top back on. It is that realistic

Spontaneous Bikini
Reg. $33.00  Sale $22.00

I was playing with one of our pouch-only designs and a completely new Koala idea came to me. I could not believe I never thought of this before, a micro pouch with an adjustable outer cockstrap that is completely incorporated and blended into the pouch. What this means is that it provides the smallest coverage, yet fullest pouch, and most stimulating fit for all around insanely perfect bikini. No more words needed. Perfection speaks for itself.

Wicked Boy
Reg. $33.00  Sale $22.00

There are male-form suits and then there are designs that are so tailored to the shape of your shaft that we need something more descriptive. The Wicked Boy Thong is one of those amazing designs. The shaft has a very hot, slight curve and is narrow and styled to show the shaft and penis head in detail. Filling this pouch is like molding the fabric to your hard cock. The shape of the pouch forces the shaft into a downward facing position and the ball pouch keeps your jewels firm and neatly tucked away. The thong rear has those flowing beautiful lines that no other design duplicates, and theWicked Boy Thong has one of the nicest rears I have seen. This is a suit to be seen in and there is little doubt about its ability to attract attention.  Koala suits do more than just stimulate your fashion sense we try to stimulate everything and the Wicked Boy Thong succeeds.

Switch Blade
Reg.36.00$  Sale $24.00

Penis, genitalia, or cock. Call it what you will, but one fact remains clear. The male penis is a masterpiece. This magnificent part of the male body that, unfortunately, is hidden away in our society. Wander through most museums and youíll see paintings or a sculpture that shows the penis in all its glory and beauty. We are very pro penis and very against hiding it. At Koala, we create many of our suits to show off the very beauty that many cultures want to conceal. One of our most popular suits for many years has been the Split Personality. This is a design that fully covers the cock but still shows the shape of it in extreme detail. The Switch Blade design builds upon that with a few pouch tweaks and a wonderful form fitting thong rear. This pouch design is most likely our most difficult one to produce with great attention made to the detail of its separate testicle pouches and shaft pouch. There is really nothing else like these cock shaped designs found anywhere in the world of menís swimwear. The Switch Blade not only looks magnificent on (how could it not when it is anatomically correct?), but it is also great fun to wear and be seen in. It is also comfortable beyond imagination and sexy beyond belief
Tight End
Reg. $33.00  Sale $23.00

The Tight End is a combination design based on many of our customersí requests. Features include matt black stretch spandex fabric, ultra micro front pouch, narrow cut rear bikini, and narrow strap sides that mix together to form a very special beach bikini. My personal take on this style is that the Tight End is a perfect swimsuit for the beach, lake, hotel pool or your own backyard. There is just enough coverage to use at any public place of your choice while still being sexy as hell. We had so many requests to do this style swimsuit in this extremely popular fabric that we just had to listen. The Tight End is destined to become a Koala classic!

Work That Cock
Reg. $ 33.00 Sale $20.00

Sorry about the long name but it just seems to fit this design. Talk about a penis centric bikini. The front pouch and front suit design are nothing less than startling. Forget about playing it safe, this designs jumps right to the front of the line with in-your-face extremeness. The shaft and ball sack are fitted so that they are clearly outlined and formed into the pouch. The pouch is so micro that it makes your meat look much larger then it is. I know my small package looked huge in this suit. It is an optical illusion created by the design, but a killer illusion. Turn around and show off your hot ass with in this bikini that has about a 60% coverage. I feel this is still enough coverage for just about any place you might go sport a bikini, but again this is not for the shy, as it absolutely demands attention. The baby blue fabric is creamy smooth with all-way stretch.

Trouble Maker
Reg. $36.00  Sale $21.00

Trouble Maker is so good at so many things! First, itís a moderate coverage bikini that you can wear everywhere. Secondly it has an ultra narrow front pouch that is designed to enlarge the look of your penis. Thirdly, the front pouch is removable and once it is removed you are left with an amazing fun sex suit! The secret to the design and the way it actually allows you fill the pouch to the max is a built-in ball splitter and spandex cock ring. These work to make the contents of the pouch look huge and when the pouch is removed your cock is ready and in position for sexual adventures. After a dip in the pool you are sure to garner even more attention in this beautiful all-way stretch white spandex.

Wet Dream
Reg. $ 34.00 Sale $23.00

This insanely radical cock-shaped silicone Ass Sparkflaunts as a g-string swim/fetish/sex suit. There is nothing like a cock-shaped pouch that you are forced to fill because you are wearing a powerful silicone Ass Spark cock ring combo dildo plug insert that keeps you locked and loaded.  This sexy looking, anatomically correct g-string blends the use of erotica and arousal into a highly comfortable suit that is wearable at home, in the water or for having a rousing round of spandex sex. Our cock-shaped suits are best sellers across the line and I believe that most of our customers, like myself, enjoy or crave the feel of spandex wrapped tightly around our hard cocks. It feels great and like sex, itís something we just canít get enough of. The Wet Dream is its own complete sexual experience. There are very few wearable creations that will do to you and for you what a good Wet Dream will do. If you already own a Metal Ass Spark this design will work with it but I highly recommend that you add a silicone Ass Spark to your collection, as it is a completely different experience.

Thunder Struck
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

Thunder Struck is another bulge enhancing work of art by Koala. This design shows off your very impressive bulge but is not as ďin your faceĒ as some of our other designs. We have angled the bulge down so it is a little more subtle but make no mistake; everyone will believe you are very well endowed even if youíre not! Added to the Thunder Struck is one of Koalaís sexiest G-string style rear designs. It is both visually exciting and extremely comfortable to wear. Created in our hot bright red rubber feel spandex, it is made to mold around you like no other fabric.  While wearing the Thunder Struck even the coldest water is not an issue. With the large adjustable spandex cock ring built into the design, no matter how much shrinkage you have, you are going to be sporting an extremely manly package.
Girl Power
Reg. $49.00  Sale $34.00

The Girl Power swimsuit offers feminine fun with an extra explosion of intensity. This is a full on male to female transformation suit offering a realistic conversion from having a penis to having a fully exposed pussy. Call it erotic wear, underwear or extreme swimwear; this is one seriously sexy design. Girl Power explodes with the addition of your choice of one small and one medium standard butt plug or one large cock shaped butt plug to enhance your transformation experience. Not only can you look like a girl, but you are getting it hard in the rear the entire time you have it on. You can wear the Girl Power with or without the butt plug but, in my opinion, it is much more fun with the plug pushed in hard inside of you and held firmly in place. The Girl Power is fully adjustable to get everything looking hot, sexy and highly entertaining. No one does butt plug powered suits like Koala and the Girl Power is no exception.  Intense, erotic, and stimulating all while letting you enjoy the complete feminine experience you so deeply desire.
Giga Cock
Reg. $ 36.00 Sale $24.00

As you can see by this summers offering we are deeply into penis centric designs, this penis display will make your cock the focal point of the design. Women have always been able to show off there breasts and pussies at the beach, itís time for men to show they are sexual beings too. That brings us to Giga Cock. I thought, wow, Giga means large and when I was trying on the final version of this suit my cock was never harder or larger then when I had it on. Part of the secret is the built-in hidden cock ring cage, the skin tight form fitted shaft and ball pouches and the adjustable sides lets you crank up the stimulation. Your cock will most likely feel like mine, ready to explode anytime. When you slip into the Gigi Cock g-string. Itís so outrageously hot only the photos can do it real justice.
Gold Rush
Reg. $ 39.00 Sale $25.00

The Gold Rush Thong is a magically lavish over the top penis display swimsuit with an entirely new cock shaped pouch. We offer many penis shape pouch designs, all of them amazing in their own right, but I wanted this suit to support the penis in a more upright position, like the erections you used to get when you were 18 years old. You remember; the ones that pointed straight up. Those were the good old days. All kidding aside, the Gold Rush Thong will bring you back to those days because it will pull your hard cock up while pushing your balls forward, too. All of this is very stimulating. Then, you add in this wonderfully pliable high shine rubberized feel  golden Spandex fabric and one of the best looking thong rear designs found anywhere, and you have all the makings of an outstanding  penis centric swimwear design. Now, the big question is where to show off first?
Shaft Blaster
Reg. $48.00  Sale $29.00

Hold on for this thrill ride, the Shaft Blaster is about to rock your world. Yes, it is a cock display suit, but it is also an extreme penis stretcher that gives you full control of the tension, it is also a ball display suit with a built in metal three-ring cock cage. The real action takes place with the four fully adjustable over the shoulder straps and the three fully adjustable shaft straps combine to create in unison to pull and stretch the shaft. The shaft is then displayed in its most sensuous position with the shaft as elongated as possible to keep it from shrinking small again. As hot as the view is from the rear, the front view is an unforgettable experience, which is just the way it should be, given that the Shaft Blaster also offers an unforgettable erotic experience that you will want to perform over and over again. Who said there are no replacements for sex. The Shaft Blaster is self-inflicted fun.
Ram Rod
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

At Koala, we are very familiar with intimate pleasures of Spandex, cock rings and anal plugs. We know, when mixed together in just the right proportions, the outcome is mightier than the sum of the parts.

What are we all looking for out of our sex wear? Most likely what I want is the same as what you are looking for, and that would be intense pleasure in new and unique ways. We are all on the same journey of sexual freedom and testing our own bounds of eroticism. This design is based directly on my own personal sex fantasies that have come true.  While wearing an Ass Spark Double bump cock ring anal plug and engaging in extreme sex play, the idea of the Ramrod was born. People first spy a stunning display of split balls with the shaft in a forced standing position. The massive Ass Spark cock ring is discreetly hidden from view until they see the back side and realize that the front pouch display is supported with an anal plug held in deep and secure, keeping every part of the Ramrod looking like the superb cock display it is.  I wish I was a poet so my words could better convey how outstanding it feels to wear this design. It is a sexual experience just putting it on. You will understand this the second the suit is correctly fitted on you, all the adjustments are set perfectly to your body, and you notice the large flow of pre-cum leaking uncontrollably from your well serviced cock head

Penis Boy
Reg. $34.00  Sale $22.00

Penis Boy is a turbo charged version of the very erotic Love Fountain design found in our last collection and, again, the changes were prompted by customer requests. We were getting people asking all the time about the rear on this suit. Namely, that the erotic experience of this very intense cock display could be so much more sensual and exciting with anal stimulation added. I thought those were wonderful suggestions and, once the sample was made, I could not wait to get it on. You boys were right! The Penis Boy design with its adjustable butt plug holder forcing the plug deep inside while the cock is highly stimulated by the ring adjustments and the balls are being cleanly split for stimulation both physically and visually makes this design virtual perfection. Just try not to get the shaft pouch wet. It will never happen. With all the stimulation, things are going to get messy but, hey; messy is always fun!
Pussy Boy
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Ultimate male to female feminization suit with double strap adjustable sides that let you clamp down your package and go as flat as you dare, that is as flat as you can take. The male fem style suits have been tremendously popular for us and they work incredibly well. We are always getting phone calls and e-mails asking how they work. The easiest way to see is to check out the previews clip at www.koalamensclub.com  this free clip shows how some of the more difficult designs work. Pussy Boy is an obvious name for a suit that lets your inner feminine shine through.  Pussy Boy will get you closer to that real woman feeling short of surgery! Just for the record straights, gays, transsexuals and just plain curious men are all avid users of our fem style designs.

Wet Wonder
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

This cock-shaped pouch is a sheer swimsuit fetish wear or a hardcore spandex suit ready for sex? Take your pick, because Wet Wonder is all of the above. As most of you know the boys at Koalaswim are lovers of a cock-shaped pouch, it not only feels great, but is highly arousing to wear and looks fantastic. It is hard not to be hard while wearing something so blatantly sexy. TheWet Wonder takes it all the way from wild swimsuit to stunning sex suit. The shaft is fully on display once the shaft pouch is removed with the balls packed nicely in the sheer spandex pouch. Just enjoy letting it hang out, masturbate you know itís good for you, have a friend give you some oral itís positioned just right for a good licking, or pound away in your favorite opening something most of us cannot get enough of. Wet Works is a player on so many levels. It was created for your enjoyment. Give yourself a gift of fun!

Under My Spell
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00

Swimsuit, sex wear or cock display? Under My Spellmight just be the perfect mix of all of these. Created in our dazzling rubberized spandex which fits like a glove and at times almost looks like glove leather. This full penis pouch is made to show it all and then some. Adjustable from both sides and from between the legs you get a second-skin-style fit that has the looks to kill. Any swimsuit designed in the shape of a fully engorged erect penis has some obvious sexual overtones and those are put to great use in the Under My Spell g-string.  We are always testing at Koala and when it comes to testing how a design performs for activities other than swimming and tanning we make sure to go the extra mile. If you might be wondering how it feels to have some oral stimulation while wearing the Under My Spell g-string I can tell you it is fantastic. If you are wondering whether the suit will stay on nice and tight over your cock or if a friend chooses to move the strap covering your hole for insertion of fingers, toys or cocks, yes it will stay on and most likely you will get nothing but hotter and more aroused.  Lastly it is likely at some time while wearing Under My Spell that you will have a little mess. Again no problem, just hand wash it with a light soap and let it air dry. Then get it messy again!

Close Shave
Reg. $29.00  Sale $21.00

This nude-colored, ultra low cut design has Lycra straps that drop low on the pouch to help highlight and increase the size of your cock. Close Shave puts your penis right out there in full sight but still manages to keep everything covered. This little g-sting demands that you are completely shaved. Close Shave is a beautiful full body tanning suit, but it does stay in place for those romantic strolls on the beach.

Bald Eagle
Reg. $27.00  Sale $20.00

Bald Eagle was another totally new design from our Summer Dreams catalog that was wildly successful. 
With it extreme low cut style and and sculpted pouch
 that raises above the waistline, inner strap that keeps your equipment strategically in position for a smooth
full look. Add our extreme Brazilian rear with all-way 
stretch wet look Lycra and you will be the envy of 
all your friends.

Changed Man
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Get ready for a huge change in fact get ready to be aChanged Man. Let this intense Koala design completely change you from a man to a women. This is as close as you will ever get to your feminine side without having full male to female transformation surgery. The Changed Man design creates an extremely realistic EXPOSED vagina! The design compresses and holds the shaft down inside of you and with the multiple suit adjustments, it allows your balls to be pulled down then split down the center to create a masterpiece.  Without question this is the most stunning male to female transformation suit we have ever designed. From every angle this suit screams look at my Cunt! From the sides, top, rear, bent over doggie style we have all the bases covered. The Changed Man will immerse you in femininity

Blazing Blade
Reg. $34.00  Sale $23.00

Based closely on the Blade G-string, we made some slight changes and created the Blazing Blade in super hot yellow four-way stretch Lycra spandex. When you are creating a penis-shaped suit, changes need to be made to accomodate different fabrics and this one took some tweeks to make it every bit as erotic as the original. This design packages your shaft and balls in separate pouches than pulls the balls low between the legs and forces the shaft to point down. The idea is to have an ultra narrow pouch, just as thin as your shaft which for just about every man would be very narrow compared to a standard v-shaped pouch. The Blazing Blade works exactly the same as the Blade with itís knife edged shape that looks fantastic on you while laying out on the beach to get a tan. No one will know it is your shaft that is completely exposed because of the way it is pulled down to give it the appearance of a standard pouch, one with an extremely narrow cut. Blazing Bladelets you be nasty and nice at the same time

Pounding Fury
Reg. $36.00  Sale $21.00

This is a highly stylized thong brings out the best in the male form. Many people feel that a thong rear is the ultimate shape to show off your ass. Looking at thePounding Furyís rear thong cut it would be hard to argue with that thought.  As hot as the rear is the Pounding Fury jumps of the charts with its beautifully sculptured, amazingly crafted front pouch. Designed to be nothing less than striking from every angle, this pouch is an engineering marvel. Shaped to show off both the form and size of your penis without being a true penis shaped design. This hybrid shape is at the same time subtle and startling. Midway up the shaft is an adjustable and exposed cock ring that tightens around the shaft making it to stand up firm and tall. Look closely at the fabulous detail of work completed on this suit. I believe it is among the best you will see on any designer swimwear found anywhere on the planet. That is how proud we are of this new design. Canít wait to see it on you. Hope you will send in some pictures to Koalamensclub.com

T-girl Sheer
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

Yes, we finally completed a male-to-female transformation suit in sheer material. This is derived from so many customer requests that we just had to do it. The result is incredible. A fem package that is completely sheer in steamy silky smooth grey spandex fabric.  Now everyone can see your secret. The see through package shows how sexy it is to be transformed from male to female.  Very hot!  T-girl Sheer is an extremely daring beach suit and of course how sexy would it be to strip down wearing this creation under your clothes to show off your secret to that special friend.

Nasty Bitch
Reg. $30.00  Sale $21.00

Fem suits are the rage at Koala. For you guys that havenít had fun with them yet, to bad for you! Let your inner girl go. Itís so exciting and so erotic. For you guys that have a huge collection of our fem vagina-style swimwear designs, here is a cool new play toy. This design was created from many customer suggestions and we hope you enjoy it. Nasty Bitch is just that, a tiny nasty male transformation, real string bikini, with side ties and the added pleasure of an anal spreader ring, which happens to put a nice nasty spread hole, just where it should be. Make yourself one Nasty Bitch!

Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

I am proud to say that our fem-style male-to-female transformation designs have given thousands of men the opportunity to have an authentic visual female experience. Used by regular guys who just want to try something new and different, men who crave the female look, cross dressers that want the look, transvestites that need the look and transsexuals that must have the look. These designs are amazingly popular and this new design was inspired by our customerís requests. TheMistress has all the fine points of similar designs but we have removed the metal ring and traded it for a rubber ring. The end result forms the same total flat vagina-look suit but with the added comfort that many men look for in the rubber cock placement ring. The rear thong is perfectly shaped to show off your ass. The Mistress is an awesome fem experience and a very sexy thong swimsuit in its own right.

Micro Bitch
Reg. $ 33.00 Sale $22.00

Micro Bitch is an ultimate micro design swimsuit, probably the smallest bikini front you will ever see. It is similar to our best selling Nasty Bitch suit with an added semi full bikini rear and an unique between the leg ring that connects the front to the rear. It can do double duty as an anal spreader to display your hole. Real tie sides make the Micro Bitch Bikini extremely adjustable so you can have the perfect fit for you build.

Reg. $ 28.00 Sale $20.00

Diablo is a nasty, sexy beast that is designed with one thing in mind; making sex hot and steamy maybe thatís two things? Diablo is one of two new extreme sexual pleasure suits and whether you are having solo sex, or as a couple, or in a group this design will stimulate you physically and it will visually arouse you and everyone around you. As it is said the devil is in the details and here are Diabloís details: A fat rubber doughnut cock ring that is designed for shaft use only, a ball splitter g-string style rear with fully adjustable side straps that allows you to adjust as much pressure as you can stand by pulling the cock up to split the balls until you are ready to pop. I like my sex a little ruff, but this design is perfect for you guys that just want the shaft held in a perfect position for action or penetration. Get your suit before the fundamentalists outlaw this kind of fun!

Fem Fatale
Reg. $34.00  Sale $23.00

We always are looking to go more micro; smaller and smaller. In fact, with many designs we keep making samples until we get them as small as is possible while still keeping the design completely functional. The Fem Fatale is such a design. We took one of the most amazing Fem style designs we offer, ďSecret Temptation,Ē and chopped a little here and there to create this wicked new style. The previous design is an ultra-micro fem style G-string, but after one day of wearing it around the pool, I felt it might be possible to make the semi sheer pouch that forces the shaft inside of you, holding it in place all the while hiding it in plain view with the head exposed through the fabric appearing even smaller. It turned out to not only be possible, but to be even more exciting to hide it all under something so small no one would ever have any idea what they are looking at. The balls are kept in a solid color all way stretch Lycra Spandex pouch that is fully adjustable. This allows you a wide variety of looks. Little tension allows people to believe your entire penis shaft and balls are in the one pouch and that you are just on the small side. Pull it back tight and the balls almost completely disappear leaving you with a complete and total feminine look.  The semi sheer pouch that covers your compressed pouch is see- through, but with your cock smashed against the fabric; it just looks like a cool design. No one will know they are looking eye to eye with your mischievous little penis.

Cock Worship
Reg. $ 49.00 Sale $33.00

I can honestly say that putting on the Cock Worship for the first time gave me the best hard on I    have sported in years. When that feat was duplicated every time I put it on; I knew we had something very special. The Cock Worship design will give you the hardest erection you have experienced in a long time no matter how young or old you are. The shape and style of the suit is just so conducive to getting you excited that you wonít be able to help yourself. I was so hard that the head of my cock felt like a rock and, even though the shaft was covered with a black spandex sleeve, you could easily see all the bulging veins coming through. It truly was bulging, porn star bulging, wet dream bulging. It was as hard as I could ever imagine it being. The Cock Worship is based on the Furious Lover, which is one of our best selling sex suits of all time.  It is designed for hardcore sex and is a true cock show off penis display. We kept all the parts that make the Furious Lover so hot including your choice of one small and one medium butt plug or one large cock shaped butt plug (suit can be used with or without a plug), and added a shaft sleeve to keep you even harder. This is our first design that we are offering you a choice of a small shaft sleeve for guys with small to medium sized shafts or a large size for you bigger guys. The Cock Worship will provide you some much needed play time. It is hard to keep your hands off, as you will see once you slide your body into this scintillating creation.

Cock Smoker
Reg. $48.00  Sale $32.00

Just try not to cum before you get it on! The Cock Smoker is just that a smoking hot cock display suit, a decedent penis display made to show off your manhood proudly.  The Cock Smoker is a multi sensory sexual experience in itself. Your cock is help up high and kept in place whether it wants to be or not. The shaft and balls are pushed and pulled to extremes using the metal cock cage and fully adjustable cock straps and adjustments. The visual is stunning. Your beautiful cock pulsing hard straight up higher than ever. If that is not magical enough the rear of the Cock Smoker features a butt plug holder(I knew it needed one the moment I first tried it on)and your choice of one small and one medium butt plug or one large cock shaped plug. My preference is the one large cock shaped plug it goes along so nicely with how your cock looks up front. The stimulation added by the butt plug takes you to new mythical heights of arousal. Donít deny yourself this over the top sexual experience.

Smoking Gun
Reg. $ 29.00 Sale $20.00

If you visit the Koala website I am going to assume that you are not a prude and I will voice my opinion about The Smoking Gun g-string. This design is sizzling hot, it is completely erotic, and the design, the fabric and the feel will all work together to give you an instant hard-on as you tuck, slide and maneuver your penis shaft and balls into the correct position to fill Smoking Guníspouch. I have had a blowjob while wearing this suit and it was over the top. Silver and sheer with a slight metallic sheen to the four-way stretch fabric this design completely wraps and molds to your cock like a second skin. A very daring design by nature the Smoking Gung-string is designed to be much more than just a shocking piece of swimwear. With a little imagination this design will help you create some of your most extreme erotic adventures.

Shy Slut Bikini
Reg. $34.00  Sale $19.00

Another new addition to our Slut line of designs is theShy Slut Bikini. One of the most popular designs from our last collection was the Shy Slut. It has all the benefits of the standard Slut but with an added fabric flap that makes the suit a little more modest. Modest of course is all relative when you are talking about ultra micro swimwear designs but the flap design feature makes it much more ready-for-the-water public beach suit, especially if there are large crowds of people at the beach. As with many of our design ideas the Shy Slut Bikini was motivated by customer demand. We all know that there are times when a tiny micro g-string, or even a thong, doesnít fit the situation that a bikini will. As swimwear lovers nothing larger than a bikini will do. TheShy Slut Bikini has the ultra micro front that will keep your almost nonexistent tan line in check, with a nice moderate bikini rear. This is a completely stunning hot yellow bikini that will get you noticed but not arrested!

Shocking Bright
Reg. $38.00  Sale $23.00

Shocking Bright Bikini hits the range of mild to wild. Wild in front with full yet extremely minimal coverage and absolutely full coverage rear that offers the type of bikini you can wear any place any time with full confidence. This is a fantastic beginner bikini for you boys who are finally switching from surf shorts, Speedos or square cut suits. The rainbow colored fabric is magnificent as the sun plays against the colors of its metallic spandex finish to the point of being shockingly bright! A playful design that can be as sporty as you like.  Itís perfect as a racing suit while swimming laps at the gym, great to hang out in at your friends pool party or a fantastic beach suit that is both at home in the water or for a run on the beach. No matter what you are doing no one will doubt your taste in swimwear with the Shocking Bright Bikini. Itís a definite fashion trendsetter.

Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

When a bikini is so hot and so sexy that the tip of your penis is bubbling with pre-cum the minute you slip the suit on then a name that completes that image must match it. Rapture sums things up in a very complete way. Before we go on, you need to be like me, into spandex, to even talk this way about a suit. If you are anything like me you are very into it. I make notes when I first try on a suit.  Some fabrics like the silky smooth rubberized spandex on the Rapture Bikini are so seductive that just handling it turns me on. Slipping the suit on and knowing my cock is going to be forced into the beautiful micro penis shaped pouch gets the juices flowing and by the time I have wrapped the spandex around my cock, my balls tightly grouped inside the smooth round sack and as the cock pouch compresses my shaft down to fit nice and full, like an over filled balloon ready to pop. This is visually, physically and erotically a wonderful choice to add to your collection and yes I can guarantee it will get you wet.

Sex Pistol
Reg. $32.00  Sale $22.00

The Sex Pistol is our take on an idea that was sent to us by a Koala customer. When something interesting turns us on, we generally will try to do it. Keep those ideas coming! Immediately, I knew this design would make a fantastic sex style and could be a lot of fun to wear under your clothing to work. This creation is designed to keep your cock hard and in the ready position. Whether for masturbation, vaginal, oral and especially anal sex, the Sex Pistol with its adjustable cock strap and adjustable shaft strap will keep your penis held high and eagerly awaiting penetration. Speaking of penetration, the rear is completely open for business. There is nothing blocking your man hole here. Your unencumbered ass is ready for anything and everything thrown at it. Joyous fun is what the Sex Pistol is all about!

Shaved Fury
Reg. $ 27.00 Sale $20.00

I was always jealous watching the girls play on the beach all shaved and lovely wearing their tiny little G-strings. There was no doubt they were hairless and that they derived pleasure in everyone seeing it. I personally enjoy seeing both men and women  completely shaved and offering suits to men that  highlight it. Shaved Fury is a statement suit that promotes the essence of the hair free lifestyle.  Bold and exciting Shaved Fury is strictly for those adventurous lads with a strong dose of self confidence. Created with real tie sides and a new scoop shaped front pouch that can handle small, medium and large cocks. Highly sensuous by design.

Real Man
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

Many Koala design are created to show a very small pouch, some are to feminize you and others have been designed to compress the shaft to make an elegant look. Sometimes a man wants to be a real man, to show everything he has in that way. We are no different than a Peacock showing off its gorgeous feathers. The problem is many of us just do not have that much to show and for that matter many of us who are well hung have a hard time keeping it nice and full when we itch to show some real shaft size. We take these matters to heart at Koala and we have created a wonderful suit that will let you bring out your inner Peacock! The Real Man Bikiniis designed to be used anywhere you wish on any beach around any hotel pool. This pouch is a completely new design that you have never seen on any suit. We created many samples before we hit what I consider perfection. With that being said I will tell you this suit takes a little work to put on. The reason why is because it pulls your shaft down the full length of the pouch which includes a separate but connect shaft pouch which lays right on top of the ball pouch. You penis shaft is forced on display with nowhere to hide, it is up front and in plain view but in a total designer package. TheReal Man Bikini will show off and even create visually more size than you have ever had. If your shaft is large it will be easy for you to put on a show with the Real Man Bikini but the magic happens for guys like me and many of you who need our shafts coaxed into showing size. This suit does that and more!

Secret Angel
Reg. $34.00  Sale $21.00

The Work That Cock Bikini is a very popular suit and it offers one of the sexiest pouch designs of any bikini style you will find. We decided to use the same style pouch but offer a more Brazilian-style flare to the rear. The Secret Angel Bikini is a lovely design that can be used anywhere. Everything is covered but just barely!  A perfect bikini for beach strolls and even beach sports because this suit will stay on and youíre your penis will stay put in the Secret Angelís form-fitted, snug pouch. The all-way stretch baby blue fabric is one of my favorites. I love the texture and the soft but firm feel it offers. This is a very sexy come-look-at-me design for the man who wants to be noticed and can handle the attention.

Changed Man Bikini
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

The design is based on our currently best selling vagina-style suit, the Changed Man. We now offer it in bikini form. It has the same amazing front pouch lets any man touch his feminine side by creating a virtual pussy out of his cock. The look is so compelling that when the Changed Man G-string was introduced it was not only the best selling fem-style suit, but quickly became our best selling design which just blew us away. Guess there are more open minded men and women than we gave credit. The Change Man Bikini allows you the freedom to wear a moderate full back bikini and still have your beautiful lips exposed. Simply magnificent.

Black Magic
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

The Black Magic shorts break all the rules. These are a great looking pair of sports, beach, and swim micro shorts with a nasty streak that runs between your legs and deep inside of you. These babies are an engineering feat. Shorts made for daring men who crave attention, stimulation and great looking spandex are all wrapped up in one very sexy design. I would highly recommend being very careful if you decide to wear these to the gym. Keep your legs closed while working on the machines and pass on the squats. These shorts are completely open between the legs with the exception of the metal bar that runs from your favorite Ass Spark design. The Ass Spark is what holds the shorts together. Pick your favorite Ass Spark to use with the Black Magic and you will feel the penetration and the cock stimulation from the metal Ass Spark ring along with the adjustable built in cock ring.   The fit is very sporty with a sculptured narrow front pouch to support and display your package while the rear fits perfectly around the cheeks. Bend over, spread eagle or just sit down with your legs open and the view is second to none. The entire area between your legs is shaved and lovingly on display for all to see if you choose. As extreme as the shorts are, everything is still covered. The penis and the anus are nicely tucked away while still being part of the action at all times. The biggest problem might just be the multiple orgasms you will most likely be fighting off, or not. Black spandex four way stretch makes it hot, sexy comfort.

Feminized White
Reg. $ 32.00 Sale $22.00

Feminized, as the name implies, is a hardcore male to female conversion-style suit. Similar in cut to our Secret Wish line of suits, this design flattens you out to make your front look virtually identical to a woman who is wearing a thong. Itís very vagina like. This suit is a total turn on no matter what your sexual orientation. Itís fun to play make believe and to have it look so believable.Feminized is available in hot red or white with a thong rear. Enjoy!

Grinder Micro
Reg. $37.00  Sale $24.00

This is just my opinion (I hope it will be yours soon, too) but the Grinder Micro Bikini is one of the sexiest swimsuits on the planet. It is just so fucking hot! There is no other way to say it, but I hope I didnít hurt your sensibilities. Let me add to that; it is hot and perfect. Well, let me add a little more. It is hot, perfect and highly stimulating! This Ass Spark powered micro bikini is an absolute stunner. It has one of the best looking rear designs we have ever created. It has our finest matt rubberized look spandex, and itís line will highlight your bodies beauty. The only way to wear this design is to use a single or double Ass Spark so, yes, you will be getting fucked every moment you have it on. That said, we have created a design with a go anywhere look and feel. The Grinder Micro Bikini sports a nice large bulge pouch that is kept full using the Ass Spark no matter how small you might be. Everything is pushed forward to create a perfect bulge.  We have worked very hard to design a fully penetrating bikini that is both sexy beyond imagination while still being perfectly useable at your favorite resort. We want you to expand your horizons, and we want you to have the best time ever wearing the worldís most extreme menís swimwear. It is safe to say that The Grinder is right up there with our most extreme swimwear designs.

Evil Angel
Reg. $33.00  Sale $23.00

This is our smallest front pouch for a semi bikini suit. Evil Angel is a blend of bikini and thong, making this our most extreme hybrid-style design yet. The front pouch is just barely large enough to contain you penis, but it is designed to hold it all in just as long as you have a small to average sized cock. Eight-inchers and plus need not apply for this suit but everyone else will have a blast strutting in a suit that can be worn just about any place and yet be so spectacularly small. This design keeps the region between the legs, a portion of the anal area and right up to the base of the balls open and clear for an excellent tan.

Fuck Shorts
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

The Fuck Shorts are closely related to the Black Magic micro shorts. It took us about six months to perfect these all new nothing like anything you have ever seen shorts. By the time they were perfected, we ended up having two versions of them. They have very different pouch styles, but both were so phenomenal that we realized there was no way to make a choice of one or the other. Thatís why we ended up offering both in our new collection. The Fuck Shorts offer the same amazing open crotch design and anal penetration experience. The big difference between the two styles are the pouch shapes. Where the Black Magic shorts offer a push out style pouch, the Fuck Shorts offer a more sporty style pouch; something that does not attract as much attention but is still fitted and makes a wonderful display. The Fuck Shorts are made of unlined, white, four way stretch spandex. They are completely form fitting and, when using your favorite Ass Spark, will keep your cock as well as your luscious ass looking and feeling great. Keep in mind that if you are using the Fuck Shorts as swimwear (a perfect use for them), they will become almost completely sheer when wet.

Balls Out
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Where do all the ideas come from for our more insane designs? Many come from my mildly twisted mind and others from our equally twisted customers minds. (I mean that in a good way!) Sometimes an idea will be sent to us and, as with this idea, it percolates for a while and just springs to the surface when it is ready. The Balls Out idea was sent to us by many customers, but the way the suit works came to me while laying out one day. I was around the pool and, at that moment, I just wished I could get some sun on my balls but there was no way to do it discreetly or comfortably. I played with the idea of having a micro pouch that would hold everything but also be capable of holding just the shaft with the balls fully exposed. It needed to work both ways. The finished design Balls Out! G-string does both perfectly.  When you are ready to get some sun on those babies, you just slip them out the bottom of the pouch and they are supported gently, yet firmly, with Spandex straps on each side of them exposed fully to the sun. Need to take a dip in the water?  Just fit them back into this extreme micro, yet full coverage front, and you are on your way. That is, unless you have the balls to do it Balls Out!

Ass Spark G-string
Reg. $30.00  Sale $21.00

The first g-string based off the Ass Spark combo butt plug cock ring, this is one of the best looking and without a doubt the most stimulating g-string swimsuit you will ever wear. In fact I am sure many men will be so addicted to this suit that they will be used on special occasions (or to make a regular day a special occasion) as underwear. I can write hundreds of words about how amazing the Ass Spark unit that this suit is based on is. Slide your cock in then slide the anal plug in and you will not believe how great it feels and how it seems to be custom made just for you. This g-string has no rear other than the metal portion that can be seen from some angles; it is fully adjustable and is a fantastic suit to wear. For me the only real draw back is how instantly wet I get when I put it on. The Ass Spark G-string by design keeps the pouch very full, the main reason is you are always stimulated while wearing it. The thick and solid metal ring keeps your penis in the perfect position to fill the pouch. Those of you who are not familiar with plugs might think it would be hard to layout wearing this design that could not be further from the truth. It feels awesome laying on your front or back and just wait until you sit on it. I guarantee your smile will be ear to ear!

Elation Bulge
Reg. $38.00  Sale $26.00

Sexual pleasure, swimwear, lingerie and even underwear are all so closely related in the Koala lexicon. Many of our designs were created to get you so aroused that you border on getting off just by slipping on the design. The Elation Bulge is one of those creations as it is designed to make a powerful sexual statement. The shape of the penis is shown fully erect but fully covered making it very usable at the beach, your next pool party or just hanging out with friends. Stimulation and great looks go hand in hand here with your choice of the Ass Spark combo butt plug cock ring holding the front and the back of the suit together. The shape of the suit is such that the Ass Spark is pulled deep inside of you, thus hiding the fact the you are being ass fucked wherever you might be and surely on the edge of having an orgasm at any moment. With all of this going on, the shaft is nicely displayed in a tight four way spandex sleeve showing off all the detail you can muster. The ball portion of the pouch is one of our new and most subtle slight ball split looks to highlight more than just the shaft. Great looks, great fun and awesome stimulation. What more could you ask for? If we are missing anything, contact us at hinc28@socal.rr.com

Ballistic Package
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

Ballistic is the perfect word to describe this suit. The pouch is designed to look like a missile exploding off your body. The silky smooth baby blue, four-way stretch Lycra spandex pouch is designed to take what you have and mold it into a stunning package of beautifully shaped man meat. The Ballistic Package G-string works with men of all cock sizes, small, large and everything in between. This pouch will shape you and pull your equipment outward to create outstanding visuals and at the same time a highly stimulating feel.

Reg. $ 29.00 Sale $20.00

We were inspired to design this suit based upon the suggestions from many of our fabulous customers. A pretty G-string suit with a fixed wire insert. The insert

creates a plunging ďV ďthat is completely open to the base of your shaft. A very provocative design that has enough coverage to wear at the hotel pool

Kiss It Shorts
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00

I wanted these shorts! The Kiss It Shorts came about because I needed a pair of sexy shorts I could wear to the gym, practice yoga in, use to run, take walks on the beach, play beach volley ball, toss the Frisbee or even throw around the football. Above all, I wanted them to be wonderful in the water as a swimsuit along with something I could wear when the waves are so big they just tear my normal thong or bikini off while I am body surfing. I wanted my shorts to have a beautiful sculptured pouch; one that was subtle enough to wear in my Yoga class and small enough to look full all the time no matter the cock size. Kiss It Shorts are smooth and sexy in their Aqua Blue four way stretch spandex that fits like a second skin. All the right parts in all the right places make these shorts a must have when only super-hot will do.

Slut G-string
Reg. $28.00  Sale $19.00

The Slut G-string is smoking hot! Offering our all new drop strap front pouch (The Same pouch as the Peep Show) with a lovely double strap rear G-string design that works exceptionally well to show the flow of your butt shape. The Slut G-string is ready for you to be the absolute center of attention no matter where you choose to tan and frolic.

Cock Package Bikini
Reg. $36.00  Sale $24.00

This is the pinnacle of cock shaped bikinis. Absolutely form fitting penis shaped Brazilian style bikini with built in 3 ring cock cage the will help you. Keep this pouch looking large and filled all the time. We have used a 4 way stretch fabric and have shortened the shaft length on the Cock Package Bikini. So whether you are 4Ē hard or 8Ē hard you will be able to fill the pouch. Our penis shaped designs are made to be shown by men you are proud to show their manhood. We understand not all beaches allow thong or g-string backs so we opted to go with an extremely minimal but more then adequate Brazilian style bikini rear. The combination of this amazingly handsome pouch and striking rear create a real show stopper bikini that is sure to make you the center of attention anywhere you go.

Bulge Desire
Reg. $36.00  Sale $25.00

Every now and then, we get lucky and create a new design that is absolutely magical to the eye, sensuous for the soul, and physically stimulating for the body. The Bulge Desire was one of those designs that looked fantastic on paper, but was even better in the real word. Itís a very creative bulge design that pulls and holds the shaft downward no matter how hard you get while keeping the balls and shaft completely separated all in a high cut style modified G-string design. Most exciting, it uses an amazing metallic style spandex that looks like you dipped your cock in it to create a second magical skin. The Bulge Desire is a highly controlled environment for your cock to be insatiably erotic and yes, very intensely desirable, too.

Aussie Bulge
Reg. $35.00  Sale $24.00

The Aussie Bulge is a sinfully decadent string bikini with a twist. It is Ass Spark powered, which means there is a combo metal anal plug cock ring that keeps the front attached to the rear. There is a metal bar connecting the front pouch to the rear straps. It is all held in place by a metal rod between the legs. One side has an anal ball on top of a metal rod pushed deep inside of you while the front has a cock ring that fits under the front pouch, which keeps the suit together but also keeps the bulge looking large. No matter how small or large your cock is the pouch will always look full. This is the magic of being stimulated. The center piece of the design is the penis shaped pouch that displays both the balls and the shaft in complete detail yet covering everything so you do not expose too much skin. The rear is a double strap G-string which is not only a very hot design, but wonderfully comfortable to wear. This design can be ordered with the Ass Spark single or double. You can also use your own Ass Spark if you already have one. Summer just keeps getting more fun, but I have a feeling you will find this design so intense to wear that it just might end up being your number one party underwear choice

Reg. $ 30.00 Sale $21.00

Hot and wild Brazilian-style bikini with our special Large Pouch Design (LPD) that will make you look bigger and fuller. An extreme plunging V-cut front creates a fantastic looking suit that is sure to make you feel sexy. Built in adjustable Lycra cock ring assures that the pouch stays full, and that you receive the desired attention. Ultra narrow Brazilian back shows quite a bit of ass, yet has enough coverage to wear any time you dare. Killer design, killer good looks.

Alpha Male
Reg. $38.00  Sale $24.00

When nothing but being the Top Dog will do, then the Alpha Male is your thong of choice. This is a magnificent bulge enhancement thong swimsuit that will take whatever equipment you have and make it look large. The Alpha Male is a true equalizer in every sense of the word. Using your cock and our oversized adjustable cock ring without adding anything to it at all; we can manipulate your cock into a stunning and massive bulge. No matter if you are 2Ē or 8Ē; we will give you an Alpha Male bulge. This design is much more than just a big bulge. It is a beautiful design many would describe as an outright stunning swimsuit based on looks alone. Made of our wickedly sexy red rubber-like high shine spandex and equipped with a very lovely full thong rear; the Alpha Male is ready to take the beach by force. Are you ready to channel your inner Top Dog?

Reg. $38.00  Sale $24.00

You might guess that we have many customers who order suits from us that are professional or amateur body builders. Over the years, we have had all sorts of requests for posing suits so I decided to offer my version of a pro bodybuilder posing swimsuit. We call this item the Maximus Bikini. The style is perfect for helping you to win contests. A curved and narrow front pouch offers minimal but adequate coverage and the rear is as close as we come to a full bikini. It still shows cheek, but has more than enough coverage for events. The snake skin style four-way stretch Lycra spandex is handsome and eye catching. You are sure to stand out among the crowd.  Plus, like all Koala designs, it offers built in sensuality. Now for the rest of us that are not bodybuilders, the Maximus Bikini is one of those suit types that is a must have in your collection. Whether a bikini is your choice for tanning or not, most of us have been in situations where a little more coverage makes the design much more useful.  Yes, this is a fantastic posing suit, but it is just as at home bodysurfing down big waves at the beach and you will still have your suit on after a big dunking. The Maximus Bikini is a very smart choice for fitness swimming, too. This is an all-around versatile suit

Fire Zone
Reg. $36.00  Sale $23.00

The Fire Zone is a smoking hot micro bikini with a kick. You can use the Fire Zone on its own with the between the legs adjustable rear or make it super-hot by adding in the 2Ē custom Ass Stretcher plug. This design was created around the Ass Stretcher like so many other ass intensive penetrating designs by Koala. The front pouch is smooth and seductive with a built in fully adjustable cock strap to keep that beautiful penis alive and enlarged.  Add in the 2Ē anal stretcher that will change your next beach outing or day in the pool into a totally insane and erotic experience. If you already have any of our 2Ē custom plugs, they will work with the Fire Zone. This design can also be ordered with or without the custom plug. Before you decide, you should know that the 2Ē Ass Stretcher Plug is a work of art. Made in the USA and machined of medical grade aluminum, it is built to give you a lifetime of extreme pleasure. Use the Fire Starter as an extreme bikini, hybrid thong or penetration style, open hole exposed swimsuit. Great choices like these add real spice to your fetish lifestyle.
Panic Attack
Reg. $40.00  Sale $28.00

The Panic Attack Bikini is designed to keep you on edge, to make you nervous and most of all to liven things up. This is one truly crazy bikini. With its full coverage micro front pouch, thin spandex side straps which are just a bit thicker than a standard g-string and a Brazilian-style rear which just shows enough ass to induce a little panic. The true Panic Attack is caused by the addition of our large custom Anal Spreader plug. Held deep inside of you with your insides exposed using this amazing device you end up with a extremely sexy bikini that is made for getting wet more ways than just going in the water. We mixed all these design features together to create an orgasm inducing bikini that is still undeniably beautiful and will no doubt be a show stopper anytime you wear it. The Panic Attack Bikini is the first of its kind, there is not another suit like it on the planet. The Anal Experience G-string was just such an amazing success that we had to offer this entirely new class of swimwear as a bikini too.